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    It is an adventure for all hunters coming to Africa on a safari with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS, a journey through animal country liable at any moment to produce amazement or/and excitement. At the very least the safari produces experiences so far removed from the routine of our lives that they become memorable.

    Hunt Packages for 2017

    All packages offered on 2X1 basis, quoted in US$, 50% deposit to secure hunt.

    Sable, $5,900
    Incl. Trophy fee & 5 days, price per hunter (2×1)
    South Africa

    Sable & Roan combo, $12,900
    Incl. Trophy fees & 5 days, price per hunter (2×1)
    South Africa

    Plains Game $3,550
    Steenbuck * Springbuck * Blesbuck * Red hartebeest * Zebra
    Incl. 5 days and Trophy fees, price per hunter (2×1)
    South Africa

    Plains Game $4,300
    Springbuck * Blesbuck * Red Hartebeest * Zebra * Black Wildebeest
    Incl. 5 days and Trophy fees, price per hunter (2×1)
    South Africa

    CANADIAN PACKAGE IN CANADIAN DOLLAR: 5 Day Safari, 5 different species, 8 animals in total, for 2 hunters; 2 X 1 guided hunt. Species included. 2 X Common duikers, 2 X Common springbuck, 2 X blesbuck, 1 X wildebeest (black or blue), 1 X gemsbuck. To be shared by the two hunters. Field preparation of trophies. Total cost of safari including day fees and trophy fees of animals $ 9,800 Canadian. ($ 4,900 Canadian per hunter).

    ONLY “FREE RANGING” hunt in South Africa: 7 Day safari, 6 different East Cape species, 6 animals in total. 1 X 1 guided hunt. Species included. Cape Grysbuck, Klipspringer, Blue Duiker, Vaal Rhebuck, Bushpig and Caracal. Field preparation of trophies. Total cost of safari including day fees and trophy fees of animals. US $9,300


    This to include day fees, ALL government and community licenses and levies. Import cost for one (1) rifle. Packing, dipping and crating cost of trophies hunted. 18% VAT. TOTAL COST; US$19,500. PER HUNTER. Non-hunter US$4,600 for the 10 days.


    Buffalo 1st – $3,950
    Buffalo 2nd – $3,950
    Nyassa wildebeest – $1,600
    Lichtenstein Hartebeest – $1,480
    Impala( Southern) – $940
    Warthog – $940
    Zebra – $2,370

    2. Hunting season only start first of July. For buffalo hunting it is better to come later in the season, towards end of August.

    3. Hunting areas. We have the blocks K4, K5, M1, and R1 in the Selous Game Reserve. Biggest Game Reserve in the world where hunting are conducted. Also have an area next to the Rauha National Park, this hasn’t been hunted for the last 4 years.

    4. Please make sure to ask for T&C’s

    Shows and Conventions 2017

    Kansas City – SCI – Hunters Exspo
    20 – 22nd January 2017

    Las Vegas. SCI’s 45th Annual Hunters Convention. Mandaly Bay Convention Center, LV, Nevada. Booth # 2330/2332
    1st – 4th February 2017

    Austin Texas – Austin Hunting Convention. Central Texas Wildlife Legacy. Crowne Plaza Hotel Austin Texas
    10th & 11th February 2017

    New Mexico – Southern New Mexico SCI Chapter Roswell New Mexico
    10th & 11th February 2017

    Madrid Spain, Cinegetica Hunting Show
    16 – 19th March 2017

    Looking back at this past season, we are humbled by the amazing people who took outstanding trophies, and left us with unforgettable memories. We could not succeed without the support of all our loyal, old and new clients, our Agents all over the world, Safari Club International, and the different SCI Chapters whom we have been working with during the last 32 years. To the Jannie Otto Safaris staff, professional hunters, their wife’s and families, you make me proud.

    May you have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

    Jannie Otto

    “A quality safari is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”