Published: Hunting Report – 23 July 2015

A Delta Airlines gate agent has denied boarding to a hunter traveling to South Africa for not having a firearm import permit with him. The agent insisted that the South African Police Service (SAPS) requires travellers to have an import permit issued to them 21 days prior to travel. This is incorrect, and hunters traveling with Delta need to be prepared with paperwork and information to counter this.

The SAPS official website has a page dedicated to information on the importation of firearms to the Republic of South Africa (http://www.saps.gov.za/services/flash/firearms/importation.php). Under the section “Issuing of a permit” it does state that an application should be submitted directly to the Central Firearms Control Register “at least 21 days in advance to enable the South African Police Service sufficient time to process the application and to submit the permit to the applicant to an address outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa or the nominated person.” This is for those wanting to get a permit issued in advance of arrival. Just two sections later on the same page in bold letters, it states, “A temporary import permit will only be issued at the port of entry to the following persons: To a foreign visitor for the purpose of hunting.”

Hunters are advised to print out a copy of the SAPS website with its URL and highlight or circle the section above. Show this to the agent at check-in and keep a copy with you. If necessary, insist a supervisor look up the website and read the page in its entirety instead of stopping at the first section about import permits. Anyone experiencing this problem is encouraged to contact The Hunting Report (305-253-5301305-253-5301 or editorial@huntingreport.com). Please provide the date and time this occurred, the gate number and if possible the name of the misinformed agent. – Barbara Crown, Editor-in-Chief.

PHASA also advises hunters to take their Letter of invitation or Hunting Contract from the Outfitter with them to check-in.