2017 Newsletter

We are now back from our annual marketing trip to the United States. Another very successful one. Seeing and spending time with old client/friends. Meeting new clients coming to spend time with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS in Africa, living out their African dream. We welcome you all and hope that you will also become long-time friends of JOS like 90% of all our clients do!!

We want to thank everyone that supported JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS through the years, your loyalty, your friendship means a lot to the whole JOS team. Not just for me and Ronel but also our kids, our Professional hunters and staff. Thanks for supporting hunting and conservation here in Africa.

We are in the proses planning our trip to Madrid Spain to attend the Cenegetica show, booth # 741. This will be the first time in 5 years that we will be going back to Spain. The economy in Spain look better, we are excited to offer our safaris to the Spanish people again and with support of people like Juan Aranda Cabello, Alvaro Churruca, Juan Garcia de La Cuesta and Roque Armada we believe that we will have a very successful trip, booking a lot of new clients and friends that just waited for the economy to pick up and to get back to Africa again.

JOS were able to secure a hunting area in Zambia, for the next 10 years. We are really excited about this venture and are looking forward to develop and sustain this area for hunting but also conservation of the untamed and beautiful wildlife. This is a beautiful unspoiled area, 640 000 hectares big. Bordering the North Luangwa National Park in the south and the Luangwa river in the East. Buffalo, leopard, lion and elephant as well as crocodile and hippo will be the main species that we will offer. Season looks good and more that 80% of quota already sold for 2017 and about 45% of quota for 2018.

South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania are doing well. We are looking forward to a great season. Collecting trophies to remember and to be proud off. As leopard hunting is closed here in South Africa, leopard hunting is now primarily offered in Namibia. Photo safaris is really becoming more and more popular and we have more people combining a hunting safari with a photo safari. Areas most popular are Cape Town, Kruger Park and Northern KZN here in South Africa. Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park in Zambia and Botswana very popular and these trips we offer over a 3-day period at a very affordable rate.

JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS Is now in the proses of big changes. We are very excited about this. By doing this we will give some of our long time, loyal Professional hunters, the opportunity to become part of a better and bigger JOS. We will be able not just to become bigger, but also more successful and more professional/successful in providing greater service and experiences to our client, protection of our wildlife and support to local communities. We will keep you up to date with the proses and what is happening here with us!

Come visit and hunt…….Come feel at home……….Come “Taste Africa” with JANNIE OTTTO SAFARIS!