About Jannie Otto

1973 * Completed Military Training
1974-1977 * Completed 3 Year Diploma in Nature Conservation at the University of the Free State
1977 * Started career in Nature Conservation

* Stared the first Conservation Area in the old Transvaal – Makwassierante Conservancy.

* Involved in Youth Wildlife Education

* Ecological planning for Game Farms

* On the Panel for Professional Hunting, Transvaal Province

* Involved in official training of Amateur Hunters for different Amateur Hunting Associations

* Involved in Opening of Public Hunting in Provincial Nature Reserves, Orange Free State and Transvaal Provinces
1981 * Qualified as Professional Hunter and Outfitter
1981-1985 * Completed Degree in Public Administration and Law at UNISA
1982 * Established Jannie Otto Safaris
1991 * Attended America Wilderness Leadership School, Teacher Session
1995 * Board Member of SCI Africa Chapter
1996 * Qualified as SCI Master Measurer
1997 * Acknowledgement from SCI Sables for Youth Education
2004 * SCI Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the Year, 2004, Runner Up

Member of various Organizations including, Safari Club International and Safari Club International.