The Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is an outdoor enthusiast’s haven. With its teeming wildlife, unique flora and endless horizons it’s a destination that visitors wants to be part of , not just look at. It is a land of many diverse cultures, of frontier history and brave missionaries with countless challenges for the adventurer.

Much of life and adventure is dependent on the sweeping tide of the Orange River, a 2,000km stretch of natural magnificence dubbed the Garib (great river) by the Khoisan, of the first inhabitants to come across the erratic mass of water.

And the Kalahari desert is like a colossal sweeping river of another kind. Its red shifting sands that were once rippling and moving are now mostly stable and, surprising to most , supports hundreds of diverse species of flora and fauna.

You will understand the inability of photographers , writers and orators to adequately communicate the experience. When, after watching springbok pronk through the veld, hundreds of wildebeest migrating, a wild cat stalking its prey and shooting stars clearly sprinting across the skies, You will realize that this is a destination of real experiences, not conjured up theme parks, but real thing, waiting for real people to explore it.

Jannie Otto Safaris has relocated their South African operation’s main camp to the Northern Cape. The reason for this is for larger hunting areas, wider selection of species, better quality of trophies with a more true Taste of Africa”.

The main camp is situated 17km North of the town of called Douglas. Nearest commercial airport will be at Kimberley that is only one hour’s drive from camp.

Making it more comfortable and relaxing for the client to get to his final destination.