Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA)

Temporary Import Permits Service

PHASA endeavors to ensure all international hunting tourists a trouble-free arrival in South Africa.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. PHASA can apply on your behalf, for your temporary importation permit or in-transit permit prior to your arrival.
2. A representative from Bangy Travel will meet you, on behalf of PHASA, in the SA Police office at OR Tambo (Johannesburg) Airport with your permit.
3. The representative will assist you with the clearance of your firearms.

Please take note of the following and do not hesitate to contact Mrs Du Plooy from our office at should you need any further information. She will gladly assist.

A. $150.00 USD per applicant.
B. PHASA accepts credit card payments and bank transfers. (Request the authorization form from PHASA)

* Scanned, readable documentation not bigger than 4MB can be emailed to Documentation can also be couriered to Mrs T. Du Plooy, PHASA, 71 Lobelia Lane, Irene, Centurion, 0157, Republic of South Africa
* PHASA needs the following documents at the latest 25 days prior to your arrival.
(Please note item IV regarding handguns, semi-automatic firearms and applications for persons under the age of 21, where applications need to reach us at least 35 days before arrival).
A. Form SAP520 (download)
ONLY the following sections need to be completed (use black ink):
Page 2 – Sections E 2.1 to E 24 (Natural person’s details)
Page 2 – Section 25 if you are married
Page 4 – Sections G1 to G 5 & G 8 to G 9.2 (Import/Export details)
Page 5 –Sections I 1.1 to 2.2 (Details of firearms etc.)
Page 6 – Section J (Signature of applicant)
B. Notarized copy of Applicants’ passport – page on which the photo and passport details are reflected. (Certified as a true copy)
C. Notarized copy of Proof of ownership of firearm, eg. legal licence, permit, certificate, authorization or any other documentary proof confirming lawful possession of the firearm: (Certified as a true copy)
Examples of documentation to proof ownership:
– USA: Custom Form 4457 (contact your nearest airport for this)
– UK, etc: Copy of your firearm License or Certificate
– Europe: Firearms Possession Licence (Waffenbesitzkarte)
– European Firearms Pass (Europaeischer Feuerwaffenpass)
– Other: A letter from your local sheriff in the form of an affidavit confirming ownership or Invoice from a gun shop where you have purchased the firearm
D. Copy of flight itineraryfrom airline or travel agent
E. Copy of Invitation letter from your Hunting Outfitter
F. Proof of payment or payment by credit card must accompany your application.

A. Maximum of four (4) firearms or shotguns per applicant.
B. Not more than one of the same caliber or gauge.
C. Only 200 rounds for each permitted firearm or shotgun will be allowed.
D. No ammunition for other firearms (not accompanying you) is permitted.
E. Firearms must bear the manufacturer’s serial number or any other mark by which the firearm can be identified. The identification number must be stamped and the mark affixed in the prescribed manner on the barrel, the frame or the receiver of the firearm.

IV. SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: (Subject to pre-approval only: documents must reach us at least 35 days prior to arrival)
A. Handguns are allowed into the country for hunting purposes only and therefore you need to submit the following additional documentation:
– A letter of invitation from the outfitter stating the handgun will be used for hunting purposes only;
– A motivational letter from you stating that you will be using the handgun for hunting purposes only and any other relevant motivation.
B. Semi-Automatic shotguns:
– A letter of motivation from you must be submitted, stating the reason/s for bringing it into the country.
C. Any person under the age of 21 that wishes to apply for a temporary import permit has to include a motivational letter with the application proving that he/she is a capable hunter. Any additional motivational letters from third parties will help with the application.

A. Should a firearm not be declared on arrival and a temporary import permit not issued, you will face severe penalties and possible arrest if detected.
B. Ensure that your firearms arrive on the same flight as you do. Contact all airline company/ies for the different sectors of your flight before making reservations, for their regulations regarding transport of firearms and ammunition.

Carriage of ammunition:
– Certain airlines require the ammo to be packed in a separate locked container.
– We strongly recommend that ammunition be packed in a lockable case which can be checked in with the firearm(s) to avoid possible delays during checked baggage screening.
– Ammunition should not be packed in checked baggage or in the gun case.
C. Your firearm/s may only be signed for by yourself.
It will not be released to any other person.
In the event of it arriving on a separate flight, the firearm/s will be held by the SAPS until such time as you claim ownership in person.
D. The temporary import permit serves as your firearm license in South Africa.It enables you to buy ammunition in South Africa for the calibers noted on the permit.
E. You must have the temporary import permit on your person at all times while you are in possession of your firearms.
F. The firearm/s MUST be locked in a firearm safe when you are not using it.
G. We recommend that you allow at least 3 hours between landing and your connecting flight.
H. In-Transit Permits are required for any person spending the night in South Africa while in-transit to a third country. The same pre-requisites apply as to obtain the normal Temporary Import permit.
It is your responsibility to check with your airline company on departure if your luggage and firearm(s) will be checked through to your final destination, when you are connecting to a third country on the same day.
I. Please see the Terms & Conditions at the end of this document.

A. Procedures as above, except that there will be no meet and greet facility.
B. Costs – $120 USD
C. The temporary import permit will be couriered to you before your departure to South Africa

Please contact the Jannie Otto Safaris office if you have any queries concerning the temporary importation of your firearms.

We wish you an unforgettable and very successful hunting safari to South Africa!

PHASA Contact Details:
Ms Tersia Du Plooy
Tel: +27 12 667 2048
Fax: +27 12 667 2049


1A. In the event of an application for a Temporary Firearm Import permit being cancelled by the applicant before the documents have been submitted to the SA Police Service the costs for bank charges will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the applicant.
1B. In the event of an application for a Temporary Firearm Import permit being cancelled by the applicant after the documents have already been submitted to the SA Police Services, an administration fee of R200 plus bank charges, will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the applicant.
1C. In the event of an application for a Temporary Firearm Import permit being cancelled by the applicant after the permit has been issued, an administration fee of R300 will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the applicant.
1D. In the event of a “no-show”, where the applicant did not fly in to OR Tambo without informing PHASA or Bangy Travel beforehand, no refund will be made to the applicant.

2A. Alterations to a permit after the permit has been issued by the SA Police Services, will be submitted to the SAPS at an administration fee of R400.
2B. Alterations to Temporary Firearm Import Permits must be handed in at the SA Police services at least two weeks prior to arrival. No alterations will be done during the last 14-days before arrival.

3. RENEWAL / EXTENSION of TI, IT or MI Permits can be done through PHASA. The fee is $80 USD (courier costs within South Africa are included in this fee; additional fees will be charged for permits couriered outside of the RSA). Proper motivation needs to accompany these applications. If renewals / Extensions are not granted by CFR, only $40 USD will be refunded. Contact Tersia Du Plooy for documents to be completed and submitted.

Only credit card payments will be accepted for above administration fees.

5. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: (Booked directly with Bangy Travel)
– Assistance at OR Tambo to connection flights – free of charge
– Assistance at OR Tambo on return flights – additional charge
– Shuttle services -additional charge
– Overnight Accommodation – additional charge – see fees below!
– Firearm / Baggage Storage – additional charge – see fees below!


 Please note: PHASA and Jannie Otto Safaris take NO responsibility for any Additional Service booked with Bangy Travel.