Photo Gallery

Photos & Testimonials from 2015 as well as general hunting photos

Hunter – Jan Decker. Elephant safari Caprivi Namibia

Hunter – Doug Dorval. “Camp was great, when we went on hunts and came back it was like coming home. Through out our hunt, all the concessions we got to travel too, it was great. I never felt pressured to shoot any animal. We can’t thank Mark our PH and the JANNIE OTTO TEAM for the great trip”

Hunter – Alexia Dorval. First African trophy – “We can’t thank Mark enough for helping Alexia take her first animal, the confidence and support he gave her was great”

Doug, Marianne and Alexia Dorval from Canada. Safari Club International “Blue Bags”. First African safari.

Tim Deckert

Dennis Whitney – “Buffalo hunt was very good. Super did a fantastic job”

Ben Baume

Just another successful African safari with JOS

All Happy PH’s

Mr. P

“Jarrett did and excellent work with me John and I. He adapted the hunt to match our ability. He worked very hard to to get us all of our animals. Anton and Pscar, chefs, worked very hard preparing our meals. The food showed how much worked went into the preparation, and the outcome was excellent”

John Postlethwaite

John Skinner

20 years hunting with JOS

Alex Baume

“Fits South African Safari with JOS. Booked 14 days, hunt with PH Peter. Collected all animals in 5 days, all making SCI record book.”

Jeff Tapp

“Amazing ranch, staff and hunting. Last but not the least, my PH (Heinz) did an outstanding job and was a true professional and guide every step of the way. Thank you Heinz for a great South Africa experience”

Dusco Naumov

Second African safari with Jannie Otto Safaris

Jimmy Hilton

“This has been not only the best hunting trip of my life, but also the best vacation. For my very first safari, I am not sure you can beat it”

Ben Baume

Steve Wasiuta

“As always all was great. Camps were excellent  and the staff were more than accommodating. Frikkie our PH was excellent and more than made the trip of  lifetime. We harvest excellent trophies. Can’t wait to come back and continue the adventure”

Cole Wasiuta

“Another great trip and amazing experience. I shall miss you all lots and hope to see you soon”

Jacob Kwast

“I have had such a fun time. Loved the staff and good food. Will never forget PH Frikkie’s jokes. He did a great job of finding good quality trophies. He made it easy to understand and was very patient with me. Can’t wait to come back and I will definitely recommend this to everyone”

Dwight Gelhorn

Steve Matthews

“Most excellent hunt ever. 3rd Trip to Africa, best ever. Very accommodating to achieve trophy quality game. And did I say, best dam service ever. PH Mark took better care of me than I deserved”

Jack Matthews

“PH was very good, Heinz, knowledgeable a very good polite hunter. Facilities was great. Lion hunt was unbelievable. Plains game was plenty and had some great quality. As you heard from me many times, MY PH was # 1. Jannie runs a good hunt”

Julia Kwast

“This week has been such a great experience for me and has been very fun. The staff was also amazing, cooking, cleaning and doing amazing things and very helpful. It was a fun experience to shoot the animals. Great variety. I had a good time at Jannie Otto Safaris. Hope I can come again”

Jose Calbello and Juan Crespi from Argentinia

“A great hunting exsperiance!! We have enjoyed hunting with jannie Otto and PH Super. Was great to hunt Jannie’s consessions, big areas full of animals. We want to thanks Jannie and Super for a trip of a life time!! Already thinking of coming back” Jose Calbello

Pete Bernier

“I had an awesome time. Catching my first kudu was my favourite experience. There are so many outfitters to choose from. Thank you to everyone at Jannie Otto Safaris for an amazing African hunting experience”

Jim Morrison

” All staff very pleasant and go out of their way to make clients happy. PH, Heinz, very experience and also went out of his way to make my hunting and stay memorable. If I come back to Africa would definitely want Heinz to be my PH. I would rate Jannie Otto outfitting a 9 out of 10. I want to come back with my grandson and hunt Tanzania”

Super and Wayne Taylor, having fun

Augustine with first hunters of the season

Wayne Taylor from Canada, first African safari

“Rating level is 1 to 5, 5 is the highest”

“Accommodation, Game, PH, Hunting areas all 5.”

“Jannie accompanied us for 6 days of our safari. He worked with his staff at each level. The result is he has created a great team!!”

Fly camping with Darren and Wayne in the Kalahari

Darren, Wayne enjoying camp life