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    Welcome Letter

    My thanks to all of you who have been on Safari with us this past season. I am once again astounded at the incredible high quality of the animals hunted by our clients this past year.

    It gives me great pleasure to invite you to meet with me at the following USA conventions and shows 2015:

    Canada from:
    17 – 22 January 2015 : Dwight Gelhorn, Manitoba, tel # 204-9553261
    23 – 25 January 2015 : AFRICAN HUNTING EXSPO, EDMONTON, Alberta
    26 – 28 January 2015 : Ron Cowles, Pigeon Lake, ALBERTA

    USA from
    29 January – 9 February 2015 : Las Vegas. SCI Convention. Booth # 710/712
    10 – 13 February 2015 : Dallas, John Skinner, tell # 832-530-7411

    Safaris would not be possible with me alone. From the team of professional hunters, intuitive trackers, expert skinners and world-best taxidermists, to the privately appointed caterers and warm and caring support staff, no need will go unnoticed or ignored.

    With Jannie Otto Safaris, hunting is part of a greater conservation plan that is managed and controlled. Through respect for wildlife and some 31 years of experience and subsequently developed skill, Africa ecology is preserved and nurtured and all hunts ultimately give life back to the land.

    All inhabitants of the habitat benefit. It’s a cyclical, win/win and ethical process. From the banks of the mighty Zambezi, through the unspoiled lushness of Mozambique or Tanzania to the expansive plains of South Africa, take time to waste what feels like a bygone era with Jannie Otto Safaris.

    Best wishes, from the Jannie Otto Safari Team and our thoughts are with you for this coming year.

    With kind regards,

    Jannie Otto

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