Jannie Otto

Safari Outfitter & Professional Hunter

With a degree in Nature Conservation, Jannie Otto started his outdoor career as a Nature Conservation Officer in 1976. He started hunting professionally in 1979 and founded Jannie Otto Safaris in 1982. Jannie is a member of various hunting organizations. Jannie specializes in conducting dangerous and plains game safaris. Having hunted in more than 5 African countries it is clear nature is his love, second to only his family. He loves to explore Kruger National Park and Chobe, but fishing is best left to the Jannie Otto Professional Hunters.

Ronel Otto

Accounting manager of Jannie Otto Safaris.

Ronel Otto, wife and business partner of Jannie Otto. Qualified as Professional Hunter in 2003. Accompanies Jannie on many exciting African adventures and marketing trips. She is also the staff relations and accounting manager of Jannie Otto Safaris.

Susan van Wijk

Social Media and Marketing For Jannie Otto

Susan, Jannie Otto's daughter, is in charge of social media and marketing material. She is a passionate nature photographer. Susan is married to Johann.

Andries Maritz (also known as Super)

Professional Hunter & Guide

Super is a professional hunter since 2000, with dangerous and plains game hunting experience in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. He has the crazy ability to track better than most experienced native trackers. He has been hunting for Jannie Otto Safaris for 11 years. Super (43) is married to Marinda and has 3 kids.

Mark Mackenzie

Professional Hunter & Guide

Professional Hunter and Guide since 1997. Mark is an avid bowhunter and experienced in Big 5 and plains game hunting, also avid wing shooter and fisherman. He especially loves tiger fishing. He has hunted in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique. Member of Jannie Otto Safaris for more than 10 years. Mark (41) is married to Cheree and has 3 kids.

Heinz Krause

Professional Hunter & Guide

Professional hunter since 2000. Heinz (45) is an experienced Big 5 and Plains game hunter, having hunted in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia. He is a Member of South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association with dedicated hunter status and member in good standing with several hunting organizations. He has been hunting with Jannie Otto Safaris for seven years. Heinz is also an avid bowhunter and fisherman. Heinz is married to Marina and has 2 teenagers. He loves to spend time with his family in the outdoors.

Heinrich van Zyl

Hunter & Guide

Heinrich started hunting professionally in 2016. He has Big 5 and plains game experience in South Africa and Namibia. He loves wing shooting and is a qualified fly fishing guide. Heinrich (21) started with Jannie Otto Safaris in 2019 with many years to look forward to.

Conrad van der Merwe

Professional Hunter

Professional hunter since 2015. Hunted in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Conrad (28) is a keen fishing and outdoor enthusiast. Member of South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association with Dedicated Hunter and Sport shooting status. He has a big passion for hunting and even bigger love for animals.

Alexander Menzel

Professional Hunter & Guide

Alexander (21) is a professional hunter since 2019 with experience in South African plains game. He is a qualified field guide and member of FAGASA. He is a keen photographer with exceptional bird knowledge, deep sea fisherman and is also a scuba diver. He has great love for the outdoors and the African environment. Alex speaks Afrikaans, English and German fluently. After completing his apprenticeship with Jannie Otto Safaris, we welcome him to the Jannie Otto Safaris team.

Nkosingiphile Gumbi (Jabula)

Qualified Skinner

Jabula is a qualified skinner and in charge of Jannie Otto Safaris Trophy Skinning. Son of a Zulu chief, Jabula has been with Jannie Otto Safaris for 11 years. Jabula speaks Tswana, Zulu, Afrikaans, Engels, Sepedi and Northern Sotho. He has 5 children. He travels 8 months of the year with Jannie Otto Safaris and then return to his home in KwaZulu-Natal. He is a very proud man and loves his job.

George Senelo

General Camp Manager, Skinner, Tracker & Driver

George is the Jannie Otto Safaris general camp manager since 2013. He also doubles up as assistant skinner, tracker and driver. He speaks Afrikaans, Engels, Tswana and Sotho. He is always friendly and has a big smile. He stays at the camp permanently with his wife Sandra, and is the father of two.


General Camp Manager, Skinner, Tracker & Driver




Poppie , Elize ,Anita



Chris Vosloo

Professional Hunter

I have always had a passion for the outdoors and hunting. Did my apprenticeship with Jannie Otto when I was 18 years old. Became a PH in 2004. Hunted from the Namib dessert to the Zambezi valley. Became Resident PH in Mozambique Delta hunting the swamps. Since then cant see myself a day not in the bush with my rifle

Pieter Coetzer

Professional Hunter

Became a PH in 2017 Registered in Limpopo Busy with Northern Cape and Eastern Cape licenses Experience in plains game animals Working on getting dangerous game license Big passion for the outdoors and animals Keen fisherman

Nicus Janse van Rensburg

Professional Hunter

Nicus (29) is a professional hunter since 2017. He has experience in South Africa. He is an avid bowhunter and fisherman with a passion for deepsee fishing for which he has a skippers licence. He really adores the outdoors and has a great love for people.

CJ Jacobs


CJ Jacobs 18 years old. Doing his one year apprenticeship with Jannie Otto Safaris

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