The Winds Of Change

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Change, an uncomfortable experience to many, but a necessity on a day to day basis in all walks and forms of life. Sometimes for the bad and yet often for…

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CUSTODIANS - A CHOICE In all industries it is always good to have choice. It matters not what your choice is, as long as the fundamentals that embody the industry…

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United States Fish And Wildlife Service

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United States Fish And Wildlife Service To Release Information On Import Businesses The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has received Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for information related to…

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It was a pleasure speaking with you a moment ago and thank you for your inquiry and interest in Global Rescue. As discussed, Global Rescue provides its members with advisory and…

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Corona Virus Testing

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FAQWho do we test?A number of airlines and countries have imposed requirements on passengers from South Africa because we are  considered a high COVID-19 risk by many countries. These countries…

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Firearms for hunting purposes

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As you all aware we had some challenges in Nov and Dec with a huge amount of changes due to curfew’s and restrictions applied by government. With all this said…

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