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It was a pleasure speaking with you a moment ago and thank you for your inquiry and interest in Global Rescue. As discussed, Global Rescue provides its members with advisory and…

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Corona Virus Testing

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FAQWho do we test?A number of airlines and countries have imposed requirements on passengers from South Africa because we are  considered a high COVID-19 risk by many countries. These countries…

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Firearms for hunting purposes

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As you all aware we had some challenges in Nov and Dec with a huge amount of changes due to curfew’s and restrictions applied by government. With all this said…

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Jannie Otto Safaris 2020

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The year 2020 started with myself, Ronel, Nicus, Heinz and Chris doing our annual marketing trip to the USA. All exited, looking forward to the best season ever, in the…

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Current Status in Mozambique

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The current status in Mozambique after the president’s address of the nation late on the evening of the 29th of July. Basically he has asked for a few more days…

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Jannie Otto Safaris, Supporting local community with anti-poaching, management and meat from selectively harvest old animals on their game ranch. We made it as planned! The choice of flights is…

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The safety of our people and you, our valued clients, is our greatest priority. We are following closely the lead of our health and safety, and medical experts who are vigilantly monitoring the situation in our country and who are taking guidance from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) as well as the World Health Organisation and the Department of Health to inform our approach.

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